ZomboBus: Survival

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ZomboBus: Survival Android

ZomboBus: Survival Free

ZomboBus: Survival Download

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“ZomboBus: Survival” is a free game in type of Tower Defense with
elements of strategy and sense of humor. The game is about of large-scale zombie
invasion, where only your car safes you from hordes of bloodthirsty deadmen that
ready to do anything to eat fresh brains.
Game features:
★ Variety of combat units. Gunner Boss Lee, sniper Babe, bomber Aka 47, Dexter with a shotgun, flamethrower Spikeman – each of these characters has their own weapons; differ in the way and range of attacking, giving the player a variety of choice in each location.
★ Rich and DEADLY Arsenal.
Will You select a melee weapon or a deadly bazookas? Or maybe you like a nuclear bomb or freezing arrow? All that, and more, allows you to test and check your skills in a brutal war against the walking dead.
★ Unique abilities and super attacks.
There are only 16 skills; they can be divided into 4 groups: damage type, containment type, protection type and reinforcement type. Before the massacre, you need to choose what is important to you? Speed or
★ Monsters-ghouls .
A huge number of evil spirits attacking you from the ground and from the air. Jock – muscular coach possesses great power of resistance and attacking, he is really cool. Crazy – is simply crazy, screaming
like crazy and attacking everything, she is really fast.
★ Huge selection of locations.
65 amazing levels: Blood City, Farm of Horror, the Hell and others.
★ Simple but varied gameplay.
A bunch of methods for reflection of attacking allows you to add “spice” to the gameplay and make the game more fun.
★ Bonuses and bosses.
Risen from the dead Freddie, the most terrible nightmare!

Prepare for zombie Apocalypse!
Defend your delicious brains from the walking!

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