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Zombie Wars –

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Robot Games is bringing epic games to the South African market. We want to see this awesome industry explode here in Mzanzi!
Zombie Wars puts you in control of a variety of badass warriors, each with their own special abilities and skills. There’re tons of epic melee and ranged weapons, and a there’s a huge array of different types of zombies for you to obliterate. Everyone from soldiers to evil clowns has joined the zombies’ militia, and they’re coming for the contents of your cranium. Are you ready for intense survival combat? Of course you are.
Now get out there annihilate the army of the dead!
Epic characters with unique abilities
Tons of enemy types with different strengths and weaknesses
Badass weapons
Variety of game types
The perfect amount of cartoon gore
Free to download

Everybody hates zombies. They’re dead but they didn’t get the memo. They’re racist against the entire human species. They smell freaking terrible, and most of them have bad breath from a steady diet of brains (they also never brush their damn teeth).
Everybody hates zombies… Until you put a gun in their hand and give them the chance to blast those buggers into the void where they belong. Impaling a zombie on a katana is one of life’s most beautiful and simple pleasures. There’s nothing like the smell of grenade residue and charred zombie guts after a well-timed explosion. It’s a sick, zombie-infested nightmare of a world we live in, but you’ve got to learn to appreciate the little things.
It’s time for you to join in the Zombie Wars. It’s time for you to kill zombies with a wide variety of badass weapons. It’s time to show the world your awesome zombie meat making skills.

*** Weapons ***

*** Zombies ***
Regular zombies
Fatass zombies
Sexy zombies
Much less sexy zombies
Zombie bosses
And some surprises!