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“Zombie Siege” is a global online apocalypse survival game in the RTS modern warfare genre. Its unique FPS gameplay elements will keep you on your toes as you face zombie attacks.

As the Commander appointed by the president himself, you are responsible for defending your base, training an army, and equipping them with weapons and vehicles to resist the zombie hordes. In this world of survival, you may have to face off against or team up with friends and enemies from around the world.

In the year 2046, humanity faces its greatest crisis, the outbreak of a “zombie apocalypse virus”. Zombie hordes have overrun cities and destroyed all infrastructure, and survivors from countries around the world have built strongholds to resist the zombies.

Time is running out for humanity as more and more people are infected, but just as everyone slowly slips into despair, a child with resistance to the virus has appeared. Refining her blood into a serum can heal the infected, and it is humanity’s only hope.

In these end times, the true terror actually isn’t zombies, but rather greedy and ambitious survivors from around the world. In the spirit of true humanity, you must make the correct decision at every turn, lead your people to survival, and save the world.

Android Download Link: http://yamechanic.com/2jaw
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