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* Collect these phantoms Yōkai worldwide. Then create a dream team of your own!
– The launch of these phantoms Yōkai from around the world!
Mae Nak Thai, drag Wakulla from Romania.
French werewolf, Frankenstein Stein of England … and many more!
– Collect your favorite Phantoms Yōkai Yōkai from among more than 90 species.
Then create their own dream team!
* Meet with the action of these phantoms Yōkai. Filled with unique and charming! .
– Superior Mobile RPG games available today!
Real-time action unique. And fascinating of these phantoms Yōkai!
Realistic action of these phantoms Yōkai!

* Use the power of ‘body art’ Phantoms with a shot to make the team even stronger! .
– Experience the power of a mother otter!
If the static power while fighting with ghosts Yōkai situations.
Be able to draw on the talent of the Phantoms shot out.
– Enjoy the adventure.
Static and dynamic body with phantoms Yōkai your favorite!

* characters from mythology and literature Thailand. Apart from adventure to everyone! .
– Adventure with these phantoms Yōkai from around the world.
With a bird with a human head and the mother otter, a character from mythology and literature Thailand!
– Join the fight to defeat the villain and super boss wildly!
Challenge cave of sadness and struggle against these enemies poured endless!
Find out more treasure in the crevices of Destiny!
Enjoy the next character in your pattern!

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