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The game revolution is coming! Let you listen to the voice of the dragon! With creative tribute to the classic, the attitude of innovative MMO epic masterpiece, will be staged! The

World of Dragon is a palace-level MMO hand tour masterpiece, ahead of the picture force interpretation of what is violence aesthetics. The real weight of the sense of fighting, restore the weight of weapons, the details of the action, in the sense of combat and fluency between the operation found a perfect balance, bringing the sound of the battle experience!

[Development concept]
● want to pay players and non-paid players can play in the equal game play

[game features]
● the strongest play, bid farewell to the homogenization of the
diversification of the fighting stage, not monotonically adjust the value.
To abandon the monotonous skills system, hundreds of runes with, to create your exclusive skills routines.
Intact audio-visual effects, the details determine the success or failure ~
luxury configuration, the host version of the QTE with the fighting!

● innovation fighting, the screen of the
three protagonists of the revolution , double weapons system, to comply with their own inner choice the most suitable for their career ~
execution skills, at one go to the execution of monsters, the pursuit of a sense of intensity,

● magnificent plot, film-level quality
professional script creation, so you immersive in the abyss of the mainland!
The camera technology reaches the host level, and each character has its own soul.

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