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“WarSoul” lets you return to the 1930s, giving you a chance to rewrite history! There are steel fire, and the land waiting for you to conquer!

To collect commanders in World War II to
find commanders, by virtue of their unique combat expertise, to eliminate all difficulties, beat the opponent. Transformation

of steel machines
★ air eagle: bf-109g, ju-87, il-2, p51mustang
★ steel monster – heavy tanks: KV-1, KV-85, m26, mk4, tortez, tiger tank, tiger tank ,
★ Battlefield Wizard – Light Tank: One Tank, One Tank B, Tank Tank Type, tanker, hetzer, t70, su76
★ battlefield death – long-range artillery: hummel, m7, duo guns
make your war machine become stronger, in order to overcome the more powerful opponents .

Tips battlefield
use of landmines to block the battlefield, the enemy’s army stumbled; the use of air-dropped troops opponents got hit; the Air Force dispatched carpet bombing the enemy – these are essential skills on the battlefield.

Cast a strong alliance to create invincible clan
with friends and family and other players to form the most powerful
allies and allies to help each other, to enhance the fighting strength
in the territory of the war to open up territory in the historic place to fight

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