War of Angels: RPG Saga

Free Download War of Angels: RPG Saga Android.

War of Angels: RPG Saga Android

War of Angels: RPG Saga Free

War of Angels: RPG Saga Download

War of Angels: RPG Saga Android for Free on APK Download.


Action-packed RPG – Join the tens of thousands of other players to embark on a thrilling adventure.
Your friends are playing, your coworkers are playing, even your Boss is playing!

Become the legendary hero – Fight side by side with angels of light to help save the human race and win victory in the war of light vs dark!

★Endless Adventures

Enjoy endless fun with 150+ levels, and venture into mysterious dungeons full of zombies & monsters.

★Fight Side by Side with Friends

Team up with your friends, join the guild & fight in thrilling guild battles

★Strategic Gameplay

Choose out of 100 allies to train your own troops and manage your skills. Win battles with customized formations

★PVP Battles

Fight for the ultimate glory and become the strongest warrior

★Forge Your Own Weapons

Craft your own weapons and enhance them with inlay jewlery.Sell your spare weapons via auctions.

★Choose from 4 Careers

Train your character in 4 careers and switch between careers during battles

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