TRAVIA RETURNS for Free on APK Download.

Do not forget the fun and excitement of the first works teurabiah online once again to all those who cheer so far to convey the impression of a mobile teurabiah my best efforts have made teurabiah riteonjeu.
Although changes in driving PC to mobile device feature of teurabiah was only trying to protect.
Weapons were of enormous size and spectacular character action animation skill and daring when mob mole hunt and a huge amount of sense as it implements the hottest hit, I tried to help the reconstruction in the mobile teurabiah riteonjeu can feel the excitement and fun.

[Game Features]
▶ Subjugation
MMO content consisting of an open field, where you can feel the emotion of online maps as constitution, freedom of communication and communication with the user, can be full of tension, with the advent of the hunting elite monster, a free entry features the ability to take action that is not consumed

▶ Battlefield
Group PvP is that made possible to obtain an open field MMO content, the blue team and red team number for a number of exciting team play, a huge amount of gold more the more people to play with based on the confrontation configured, the ability to take action is consumed, Features that do not have free entry

▶ adventure
Story Mode can proceed based on a scenario of massive teurabiah, consists of a total of 24 chapters and 288 various stages may experience a magnificent map and gorgeous effects, great production

▶ Raid
My friend and challenge mode 2 with a giant monster, show that the state or the gorgeous appearance and powerful than a typical stage must pay high compensation equipment, it is configured to knock through the strategic targeting

▶ occupied estates
Capture mode various estates with the guild, by acquiring former manor estates around the weekdays points through inter-guild predatory conduct on the weekend, when occupying the estates can be acquired vast amounts of gold that occurs in the manor

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