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To find the tomb of formulas
To Tomb, we must first look for the tomb; to find the tomb of seven tactics, remember.

Formulas a: azimuth find the tomb
Spring and Autumn Peak separator, buried in the tomb of Qin and Han “Large earth; the Southern pub election mountainside, quite dead under the Sui and Tang Song slope.

Formulas II: Look earth to find the tomb
Colorful kind of earth called” thump earth “, thin soil, the soil loose, uneven, if you can Find the earth, most likely to find the tomb.

Formulas III: digging to find the tomb
If you see there in the soil mixed with small white spots and darker soil, basically can determine tomb.

Formulas IV: Tomb of the soil to find
Ancient Tomb will be made with good sealing soil called “Rammed earth “, rammed earth’s highly absorbent, after the storm, observe soil, wetter place representatives tomb.

Formulas five: smell of earth toward resolution
In addition to watching the soil, digging, there are an expert can smell the soil, the soil can Be clearly distinguished by the smell out of the tomb of different dynasties.

Formulas six: Look towards the resolution of soil
Spring and Autumn are clay, the Western Han Dynasty backfill with mud; without the Eastern Han Dynasty yellow sand, Tang and Song pit and More black soil.

Formulas VII: the tomb toward resolution
Shang and Zhou tomb big top, big Spring and Autumn below; large changes later dynasties, Song Fang Tang round Han shop collapsed.

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