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What’s New in Version 6.0
+ NEW: New Adventure – Love and Tin
+ NEW: Options – Double texture resolution option for newer devices
+ NEW: Options – Filter Presets let you change atmospheres and effects at once
+ NEW: Option – show camera zoom shortcut ui in options-settings-interface
+ NEW: Options – show/hide pet, skrall, BOT and Spirits in explore Mode
+ NEW: Options – Switch soundtrack
+ NEW: character BOT
+ NEW: Cinematic Engine – ads skippable cinematics to game
+ NEW: Soundtrack – new music
+ NEW: Grab / Drop certain objects
+ NEW: animal Skralls
+ NEW: Mushroom Gnome home – just up the road from the Inn
+ NEW: Adventure titles at start
+ NEW: More character animations
+ NEW: Lumines – nature spirits
+ NEW: Pet Dog – Timber

+ IMPROVED: Speed and Mesh optimizations
+ IMPROVED: New AdventureGen Engine 2.5 Object Oriented quest engine
+ IMPROVED: separated checkpoints from actual chapters (thanks Queenballucci)
+ IMPROVED: much more frequent and redesigned autosave system
+ IMPROVED: User interface improvements
+ IMPROVED: Choose adventure from splash screen
+ IMPROVED: Separate chapter saves for each storyline
+ IMPROVED: Changed droid models to match BOT
+ IMPROVED: Redesigned Map system – MAP is now one camera and optimized,
+ IMPROVED: Multiple zoom levels for map
+ IMPROVED: Arrow off by default – redundant with objective marker
+ IMPROVED: tween sun – time of day sun position now interpolates in options – setting ground for fully procedural sky and time of day
+ IMPROVED: Refactored music system
+ IMPROVED: Explore mode is now a separate “adventure” called Explorateur
+ IMPROVED: The original adventure is now called “The Ballad of BrightRidge”

+ FIXED : UI positioning bugs
+ FIXED : Size changes now change speech bubble size too
+ FIXED : Walking animation sometimes playing during jump
+ FIXED : More than 100 bug fixes and optimizations