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ave you ever made such a dream? In the dream you are like a lonely traveler, lost myself in time and space. Ethereal music, psychedelic scenes, make you confused, let you lonely, let you wretched, so that if you lose …

“Time travel dream” is about such a story: a little girl with a small red umbrella, lost in the dream of time and space, in order to find the same name of the same name sister, she alone on the road, through a variety of aesthetic but And strange dreams, untie a variety of strange organs and traps, and a variety of nightmare operations, and finally her ending will leave you to find.

As the dome of each other issue of another independent game, will take you into the fantasy and aesthetic dream world, to find a journey of self. This is a continuation of the independent game of the unique temperament, and the integration of adventure, puzzle, running cool, gesture elimination and other games, the overall rhythm of the aesthetic quiet and yet happy and relaxed, contains the philosophy is thought-provoking: everyone has Have you lost my time and space dream, you in this journey to find the soul can go far?

[Game features]
travel: from the quiet forest, to the mysterious shadow of the environment, from the ancient desert country, to the dangerous snow-capped mountains, like an immersive travel
survival: from the mysterious organs, vicious trap also There are horrible monsters among the survivors, to solve the tricks, such as Heavenly Puzzle,
successfully passed the 24 off adventure adventure story: each scene is a theme story, through different levels to experience Sophia’s aesthetic story
play: Innovative integration into a variety of games are played in the game, so that players can not add their own
music from the art: the beauty of the game in the performance of the vividly, the ethereal fresh style, like a dream

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