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Terra M is a mobile MMORPG recreating the emotion of Terra PC to Mobile
Through a free view of the many open fields and Full 3D
Until now, users of the quota trapped views
Found the line put authentic MMORPG emotional release frustration.
With attractive visuals inherited the aesthetics of ‘Terra’
Through a solid scenario inherited the world of PC ‘Terra’
You can feel a distinct sex games than existing mobile MMORPG.

Game features ■■■■■ ■■■■

Global mega MMORPG ◀ ▶ 25 million users have enjoyed
Elin, Li Po, Amman, and Cuesta Nick
Your memories in Matera returned to the mobile device.

▶ Mobile’s first roles Party established ◀
Tankers will go no RPG, RPG will go without a healer.
Still do a party for Doc Samantha.
Now Feel the real MMORPG for the tank dilhil coexist!

▶ succession and development of the original emotion ◀
Various open field, inherited the original character and personality out!
Nonthaburi maximize the sense of action through the manipulation and marketing yeongyegi!
Let anytime, anywhere experience, the Terra M implemented mobile-optimized experience!

Flowers MMORPG ◀ ▶ community
Huddle together chatting and shaking chudeon Dance Remember those days!
Glory in various costumes the individuality of your own!
Better MMORPG, Tera M when together

Android Download Link: http://coinlink.us/TwY31
iOS Download Link: http://coinlink.us/Wz8MFs2O

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