TEAM GUARDIAN for Free on APK Download.

■ Collect full of live action characters personality of the 20 species of non-current card.
■ MMO style of authentic networks Action RPG!

※ Do not miss the variety of commemorative events open! ※

■ also breathe a variety of game modes that can not be fleeting
1:01 real-time PVP system
– holds with the character strategic battle game that knocked out Real-time opponent
of the various professions more than 20 characters
AI with PVP combat the ‘Forgotten Golden City’
more powerful giant boss Raid system
General-stage non-escort, destroy, distinctive stages, including dungeons, such as defense
of ‘Archives’ to add the flavor of the main story mode, secondary storage

■ action showcased! Combat Instinct
glitz and unique character of each bet everything on a variety of skills and combos action!
Own distinctive special gunggeukgi and characteristics

■ Real-time community where you can feel the fragrance of MMO in the mobile
community can be a real wealth of information and many players and talk to Time Square and real-time online frontal

■ Guild cooperative elements
occupying guild mines, Let the revival of the guild I belong to loot

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