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“During times of peace, only the strongest can raise their flag above the rest. The others can only plan their rise to prominence in secrecy, and develop their tanks, the most advanced of all weapons, to conquer them all!
When the fire of war rages, the tanks come to their right! Conquer the world and defeat your enemies in this quest for fame and glory!
We bring you the most stunning war graphics imaginable!
High quality graphics helps you live the true experience of tank battles! Behind the graphics, advanced algorithms balance the game and perfect the challenges you are facing!

The world is preparing for battle! Fight across nation borders on the same server and in multiple game modes!

Official webpage: http://mtstrike.oasgames.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tankstrikeGl…
Customer support: mtscs@oasgames.com”

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