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TANK RAID for Free on APK Download.

RIGHT NOW, many other cool guys worldwide are enjoying their extremely funny tank battles. Only 5 MINUTES to BLOW OFF whatever! A REAL-TIME, strategy, multiplayer, 3D online game with ROBOT tanks and super weapons in SCI FI environment, you don’t want anything else! JOIN THEM NOW!
Though a free, LIGHT game with arcade style, it perfectly suits if your need is an armored warfare, ambush adventures or laser wars in galaxy battle zone.
Whatever you want to name, tank hero or destroyer, you get to win over other tanks man in 5 minutes crossfire. Put your steps into 7 unique arenas in galaxy, use your strategy for super weapons and skills, hunt down other tanks and get fun.
– REAL-TIME battle: 5 people from around the world plays at the same time in a fight.
– AMZING TANKS: Tens of super tanks to try on every battle
– SCI-FI ARENAS: 7 beautiful arenas in galaxy, designed with sci fi style and impressive round shape structure.
– GALAXY STONE appear after 3 minutes of the crossfire, get yourself trained well and don’t miss the chance to transform your tank to ROBOT and RULE the war!
– SUPER ROBOT to clash with and of course with un-destroyable power. Let’s see your strategy then.
– HUMOROUS REAPER to accompany with you as a coach, giving wise advices whenever you’re in need.
– MODERN WEAPONS: You will be armed with laser bullets, grapeshot, cannonade, howitzer, electric shield, timer bomb, landmine, laser gun…allowing you to make a real bombing blitzkrieg.
– IO (input-output) GAMEPLAY: Get stronger right after you win over an enemy. The more successful shoots, the more powerful you are.
– Shockingly FUNNY EMOJI to excite everybody in the fight. Play it COOL and see how good it feels!
– And BIG PLUS is, there are many other funny and smart guys to play with
– Dpad helps with greatly exact movements in the tank maze yet very easy to control
– Surprising REWARDS for all tank hero after every battle. Don’t forget to check out your achievements!
– Radar supports you to locate your enemies, allowing implementation of many strategies (ex: ambush adventures, long distance gunfire, blockade 3d, counter attack, armored assault…)

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…