Free Download TANGO 5

TANGO 5 for Free on APK Download.

Game features ■■■■■ ■■■■■
■ captured or annihilated! Quick Match team play is outstanding!
Scoring both of their opponents, or get taken over more bases.
Lead your team to victory over the aforementioned base and take advantage of the play map.

■ Real-time 5 5 PVP! Be a team victory!
Five people can enjoy real-time PVP as a team.
In order to win, it is important the role of all of you.
Try to configure the optimum team strategy for victory.

■ PVP game in which the only skills!
No strengthening No stress, Five Tango has no reinforcement.
Only the left and right experience and skills, quick judgment, this team win.

■ living 99 seconds Quick Match excitement of tactics!
Fifth Edition 3 by 99 seconds per round seonseungje!
Try to enjoy the thrilling victory in Quick Match.

■ In Mobile X PC platform, anytime, anywhere you want!
Five Tango is available for mobile and PC cross-play.
Enjoy a true 5 5 PVP in the mobile and PC platform of your choice!

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…