Tango 5: The Last Dance

Free Download Tango 5: The Last Dance Android.

Tango 5: The Last Dance Android

Tango 5: The Last Dance Free

Tango 5: The Last Dance Download

Tango 5: The Last Dance Android for Free on APK Download.


▣ Mobile 5 5 PVP, Tango Five
The more PVP in the game more interesting, PC,
PVP dramatic game starring a user, the user screenplay, directing users,
Jjolgit heart that has become a PVP game here!
▣ real-time dynamic system cool down
Mobile devices Pinch your nose beyond the limits of operation!
Go-command – Experience a dynamic system, leading to cool down cool down.

▣ Please only win the “proficient”
Ganghwa not. No transcendence. There is no awakening.
Stats of the same character, only the victories Leave it to your cool head and a hot heart!

▣ Features alive 12 characters
Each character skill in the color of your own,
Ever-changing battlefield whenever you use a skill,
Which character will fly to the last bullet cross the battlefield!
Now the 12 character awaits you.

◎ Game official cafe shortcut ▶ http://cafe.naver.com/tango5cbt
IPad Pro 9.7 256G, Wheel Electric, Starbucks Gifticon, Nexon Cache 1 million yuan, including culture vouchers ₩ 10,000
Check all official sweepstakes cafe right now!
◎ 5 tango, tango 5, tango5, tango 5, T5’s not – please call to “Tango Five” –


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