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The new version of a comprehensive upgrade:
1, the game quality UP! Configuration requirements DOWN!
Although this test in terms of quality has been unanimously approved, please rest assured that in the follow-up version of our quality will continue to improve the configuration requirements will be lower!

2, to explore the unknown area, the
expansion of the world 1536 * 1536Km2 East and West two different styles of large scene map, the larger Ibarans world, the follow-up version of the new map “Zaracan Desert”, so that everyone experience To the different style of the desert scene!

3, improve the game competitive, more open competitive PK play
Eiger guard battle, arena, track and other athletic monthly fans play this test we are highly engaged in the play, you can see everyone play on athletic class Acceptance is very high, so we will be in the follow-up version of the city to join the sovereign contention play, guild play, guild BOSS games, camp games and a variety of different battlefield games are played! The era of warfare is coming!

4, open more mounts – a variety of epic mounts struck, waiting for you to hunting
because we have a very high enthusiasm for hunting mounts, in order to allow everyone to experience a more large mount system, we will be in the follow-up version Join the great ape, Raptor, Tyrannosaurus rex and other epic mount for everyone to hunt!

5, open more copies, rich game
experience Broken rock cliff, lizard miners, Nick’s amusement park and other copies of the current version of the core copy, but in order to let everyone’s game experience more colorful in order to keep our game to a certain Freshness, we will add more interesting copies in the follow-up version

6, rich field play, anytime, anywhere experience the charm of
the game In the follow-up version, we will join the guild task, camp mission, wild elite strange, wild chest A variety of wild games are played, so that everyone can feel anytime, anywhere the charm of Ivarins continent!

7, optimize the task system, refused to boring, increase the fun In order to let everyone experience a richer, more bulky game world, we will be in the follow-up version, optimize the main line of the task process, so that the task becomes rich and colorful, and add more world events. 8, occupational balance adjustment, new career! In order to enhance the game’s athleticism, to ensure the fairness of the game, improve everyone’s gaming experience, we will be in the follow-up version of the professional balance of the depth of optimization, and we will open more career for everyone to choose. 9, respected free trade, open trading new model Free trade is our respected core play, in order to make it easier for us to conduct free trade and exchange, we will be in the follow-up version of the face-to-face trading function! 10, the new “facelift system” to create your Variety modeling As there are a lot of players come to the role of character clothing monotonous, character appearance can not be changed. So in the follow-up version, we will open the fashion system and appearance changes. “Tai Chi Panda 3: hunting dragon” heritage of Tai Chi Panda 2 for the world view and some of the characters in the game play and game volume to try a new breakthrough. The game has a unique blend of Eastern and Western elements of the new style of aesthetics, the use of NVIDIA real physical technology and Metal rendering technology effort to build, large world without binding free

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