Tactics Saga

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Tactics Saga Android

Tactics Saga Free

Tactics Saga Download

Tactics Saga Android for Free on APK Download.

Build your team of Raiders, fight your way through terrifying monsters in various dungeons and solve the mysteries of the world!!
★ Tactics
Choose between Blitz, Counterattack and Trick tactic to change your team FORMATION!

★ PvP
Challenge other teams of Raiders, boost your RANKINGS and prove who’s the better tactician!

★ Boss Battle
FIGHT against a gigantic boss for an epic battle!

★ Skills
Don’t underestimate the power of the skills on each HERO, it can flip the victor in the battlefield!

★ Level Up
Level your hero, gear and skills and conquer the dungeons!

★ Story
Why do dungeons exist? What’s the story behind all these characters? The world is filled with mysteries!

● Free to play tactics strategy RPG
● Collect numerous heroes and create your ultimate team
● Multiple modes available in the arena
● Fight your way through waves of monsters in numerous dungeons
● Time your skills for the critical moments.

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