SWORD AND GLORY for Free on APK Download.

[Sword and glory] is a playground as the core content of the 3D real-time action strategy game, here is the reaction and wisdom of the duel, passion and blood of the collision; strategizing, decisive battle fingertips!
This also invited a lovely sister players recorded a video to share to everyone, let us watch the video while watching the voice of her sister Meng Meng to explore the “sword and glory” the new continent it!

Main features:
-2 minutes a bunch of straightforward fighting, at any time and your little partner a showdown
– a new mode of operation , a clan, five heroes, between laughing, one hand control
– real-time lighting, cool lifelike, hand tour Extreme quality
– hundreds of heroes, beautifully set, start the strongest brain, set the strongest clan
– the skills of talent with a free talent, than one who is creative big coffee
– epic background, ambitious set, the plot mode to feel Heroes love and hate, bloody
– union friends, you are not a person in the fight
– more peripheral brain hole play, so you find the
hero has been gearing up, ready to go; who will lead them, fight for the glory

Download Link: https://www.taptap.com/app/42981