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Super Tiger Sim 2017! Today i’m plays simulation game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Tapinator.

My rate for this a game: 3/5.

About “Super Tiger Sim 2017” game app:
Do you want to rule a large forest as a super tiger? Then this game is for you. Let’s ready to enjoy!
Get ready to enter in a jungle and start to live the life of a tiger. Just get wild and rule the jungle. You have to hunt for your prey. Different levels require you to hunt different animals. Goats, stags and deer are there to hunt. You have to run to catch them.

Use your skills to be a wild tiger and fulfil your thirst and hunger. Keep running and hunting the other wild animals for prey. By using your claws you can catch them. Prove how fierce a tiger can be. You will get scores on completing the mission. You can change your speed whenever it is needed. All other animals are scared from you. Its amazing sounds and crazy environment make it realistic.


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