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Super Hero Casino Battle! Today i’m plays action game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by VOG Studios.

My rate for this a game: 3.9/5. Almost good game.

About “Super Hero Casino Battle” game app:
This is an action filled third person shooter (TPS) game. Super Hero Casino Battle lets the player to play as a super hero who fights crime & all sort of criminals no matter whether they are mafia gangsters, street thugs or terrorists. Allowing you to save the city and its residents from the evil plans of criminals using your super powers along with various weapons & guns. Super Hero Casino Battle is not your average super hero game. It includes the fun of being a super hero as well as all the elements of an action filled shooting game.

Criminals have attacked a local casino & waged a war against the law. The security of the casino tried to stop the enemy terrorist mafia gangsters but failed so they’ve called you for help. As a super hero & city’s savior you answered their call for help. It’s now time for action. Time to take down the criminal enemy terrorist mafia gangsters and put an end to their evil plan. The lives of the residents of your city & its peace is in your hands. Put an end to the evil games of the enemy to win this battle against terror. Strike hard and counter enemy attacks swiftly once you enter the casino to win this war. You will face waves of enemies on different levels of the casino. Shoot your way through all of terrorist mafia gangsters to secure the casino. You are expected to complete this mission successfully & end this war. You’ll also have to secure secret files and use computers to lock the casino door. You have various weapons to help you battle the evil terrorist mafia gangsters. Battle them with a baseball bat and various super weapons & guns like pistol, smg & AK 47. Guns will help you kill the enemy terrorist mafia gangsters quickly. Don’t allow the enemy terrorist mafia gangsters to counter your attacks & use their weapons & guns to shoot back at you. The whole city is looking up to you to complete the mission successfully, end this war & restore the peace.


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