Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR)

Free Download Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR) Android.

Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR) Android

Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR) Free

Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR) Download

Stormborne: Infinity Arena (KR) Android for Free on APK Download.


[Game introduction]

I could feel the fun while manipulating directly from the console action game you can feel in the mobile.

The Storm is a game where your opponent can experience the sensation that you feel when you see it succeed success and growth is a challenge, but could continue a little difficult challenge.

Gladiator is an unnamed lost memories and enjoy extreme action to escape the maze to find the gladiator camp lost their past!

[Game Features]
■ 1: 1 hardcore action that is in progress to fight
Through the attack, defense consisting of a three-way operation’s Fun!
Success and avoid hitting operation that requires precise timing to feel the exhilarating pleasure!
No automatic control to directly manipulate and feel the extreme tension can be felt in hardcore action!

■ low-spec, high-quality visual experience with even low doses
In the meantime, it 61MB There is enough to experience stunning visual experiences did not.
Even in low spec graphics device without loss of quality, you can enjoy high-quality graphic enough.

■ about 25 skill that adds to the battle strategy
Skill is a unique effect is triggered depending on each particular condition.
Consider the function of the skills I have establish the most efficient offensive and defensive strategy, challenging battle!

■ Record competition with other Gladiator
Join a season consisting of weekly ranking!
Every week, you can earn special rewards that can be obtained only on rankings.

[pre-opening guide]

Pre-Open is being held from November 3.
Officially opened during the initialization data is not retained.
Official opening is scheduled to take place two weeks later could be adjusted by internal affairs.
When you open the formal reflect the opinions of the patches can be made such as balance changes.
Pre-open two weeks during pre-season ranking is in progress and will be officially opened during the season Changing the compensation period and ranking.

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