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Today i’m plays Stick Squad Sniper Battlegrounds, action game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by FDG Entertainment.

My rate for this a game: 5/5. Very good!

► ABOUT “Stick Squad Sniper Battlegrounds” GAME APP ►
Every bullet counts in the next epic entry of the Stick Squad saga.
This time around, world-class sniper Damien Walker and assault specialist Ron Hawkings are on a suicide mission to save the world. Embark on a breakneck journey across battlegrounds around the globe and uncover an over the top story that does not take itself too serious.

Shoot your way through hordes of bad guys or take your time and eliminate them from a distance. Every mission requires a unique approach but always has the same result: bodies dropping on the floor.

To get the job done you can choose from 20+ weapons, each with tons of upgrades. The possibilities are nearly limitless! The Stick Squad guys have the right tool for every encounter.

– Hilarious yet engaging story
– 15+ Weapons with tons of upgrades
– More than 30 diverse missions
– Full character customization
– Slow Mo and bullet time effects

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