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STEAM GEARS for Free on APK Download.

150 years ago, the human race has got the power over over steam power of the steam
appearance of exquisite contrivance (trick) that moves by steam power has dramatically improved the lives of people.
On the other hand, there were also those who were forced to hurt labor in the depths of the underground – ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
[Authentic 3D action game!] is give authentic action!
Just hitting a screen repeatedly may not be able to enjoy this game.
Shine your skills and face powerful enemies!

[Overwhelming 3DCG Quality]
taste in other overwhelming 3DCG not think Sumahogemu realism!
Stick and tap enable intuitive operation!

[Nurture the character of their liking –
new stearyl pretend method strengthening of character to Sumahogemu!
Attack power specialized type? Physical fitness type? Let’s raise your character to your liking!

[Online co-op]
simultaneous cooperative play for up to four people!
Let’s challenge the difficult quest with your friends!

[Humanoid boss battles]
now work up to the point of, tough human-type boss who let out a wide variety of attack!
You can not defeat “real enemies” that you can not compete by just raising the status! Is it?

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