STAR PIONEERS for Free on APK Download.

Shooting Tower perfect combination of fusion, original play are refreshing!
Flying shooting and tower defense strategy will be integrated , hands and brain double interaction. Full-screen 360-degree surround combat, the original new play, to ensure that your eyes light up.
★ ultra-personalized fighter, thousands with, dazzling full screen!
The ever-changing weapons and skills with a variety of growth system, to create personalized fighters. Beat all the opponents, destroy the powerful enemies, harvest lucrative trophies.
★ attack and defense fierce collision, routines and anti-routine duel!
By challenging other players to snatch the planet or beat the powerful alien creatures, competing for precious universe resources. While building their own base for defense, smashing the enemy’s attack, experience the extraordinary trip to Xinghai.
★ galaxy leader domineering leak, limit kill verification strength!

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