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“Star – Crown” is a Japanese fantasy style mobile phone game, the background describes the four countries in order to their own concept of mutual dispute, the player must be in the four camps for a country for its effectiveness, while in the dream world adventure, while The use of wisdom to operate the territory, enhance the strength, and then through the national war for the camp to bring the final victory.

Game features:
★ wear the crown, and you fight
in the center of the world wide continental “Ogilvy” has four countries, four kings were holding the four mysterious “goddess” these sacred objects have a unique appearance , And the possession of a strong force, can make the successful control of the Holy Spirit who have a great talent to become a million in the election of the emperor.

★ cute der decisive negative
Japanese style dynamic wind X country war in
different regions, full of stars of the stars to accompany you to set foot on the road of adventure.

★ finish this time we again as a friend!
Large national warfare system to grab the sacred objects for the purpose of each week, each season for the most powerful national title, for their own country for glory, the friends of the country resorted to it!

★ for the king and the glory of the country to you!
Multi-rank official system, the country’s most powerful president of the Association can rule the country, assigned a number of cronies as official and privilege, the opportunity only once, quickly won the title.
Through the game in the game system can obtain resources, individuals to pay resources to the state can gradually upgrade the rank, get more ability.

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