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Smart Car Parking Crane 3D Sim! Today i’m plays simulation game 2016 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Reality Gamefied.

My rate for this a game: 3.5/5. Boring missions.

About “Smart Car Parking Crane 3D Sim” game app:
Smart parking crane is an automated mechanized parking system. This elevated tower crane can be ideally installed in condensed urban areas to provide a quick & reliable solution to serious parking problems in city rush. Vertical car parking crane is easy to operate and a great solution to big city traffic problem outside shopping malls, restaurants or kids school. This giant mobile parking crane can be relocated anywhere near skyscraper buildings or multi-storey plaza. Multi-Level crane consumes space of two car parking lots. You can park 13 cars at once by rotating parking spots using lever.

First ever automated car parking game, a futuristic concept to revolutionize auto parking problems. Play Smart Car Parking Crane 3D Simulator game and enjoy timeless unique gameplay while driving luxury cars and operate gigantic robot cranes. Convenient, reliable and economical solution in today’s fast paced world to replace multi-level parking plaza with a single skyhigh straddle crane known as rotary car parking machine.


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