SKY ADVENTURERS for Free on APK Download.

“Sky Adventurers” is a 3D multi-professional hot air warfare travel, flying shooting and RPG, to develop a perfect fusion of integration, unprecedented innovation in the air combat. Players can manipulate the role of the sword cut the ball, the ball ball breathing, team play can be based on different pet skills, professional characteristics of the strategy with the challenge of higher difficulty BOSS.

[Game features]
three major career – far away melee freedom to control the
“sky adventure team” break through the traditional flight shooting game on the understanding of air combat, the player is no longer control the command of firing different shapes of barrage mech, but have learned Meat has a variety of ways to attack the hero, who said the barrage can only escape Warrior sword sword can be cut, knife into the meat! The magician can control the ball, instantly explode! Ranger can be remote output, enemies thousands of miles!

United decided at war – fighting team to share the thrill of
the previous flight shooting game in multiplayer time with nothing but a man of simple replication.

Warrior + Ranger, the strongest shield and the most sharp spear, into the fire like a mountain. Ranger + magician, double DPS in the long-range huge output, in the enemy close before the extinction.

Cool streamer – 100 kinds of modeling free to match the
first single facelift, all professional equipment can be a separate combination with the players can be free to mix. Increase the property at the same time can also create the most characters for the role of the most cool personality of the most exclusive image.

Pet collection – Meng pet to help the big
hit wins attack type, shield type, recovery type, spell type and so on hundreds of pets waiting for you to collect, more pet players can play according to different pets active, passive skills strategy with you Baby’s pet is the biggest help in your adventure.

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