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▼ story of crossing
Quest can play the story of the favorite characters omnibus.
Promote the game and fellowship is the story of each of the characters, gradually revealed the whole picture of the story.

▼ Weapon story
Also more than 150 weapons in the game, recorded the story of each.
Story by fostering the weapon got is released.

▼ job story
Characters appearing in the game change the appearance for a variety of jobs.
The job story, characters who of the inner surface is told.
Story by fostering the released job is released.

————————————————– ————————————————– –
Real-time battle / auto mode
————————————————– ————————————————– –
▼ real-time battle
Combat progress in real-time.
Along with the characters who meet in the middle of the story,
Help each other, in cooperation, will defeat the enemy Tachifusagaru.

The united front with met fellow, overlook the formidable enemy in multiplayer.

▼ Auto mode equipped
To attack the enemy in the auto, auto mode also features.
The game also can be easily easy-to-play in person is weak.

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