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SHADOWARK for Free on APK Download.

◆ God and man, and good and evil draws a confrontation line that fills the grandeur and fantasy dreamed unfolding evolution scenario game on the basis of robust

◆ variety of distinctive character configuration
– Warrior / Assassin / mage / archer / clergy, etc.
And five of the profession can choose to your liking,
Strong personality and enjoy the gameplay.

◆ variety of gameplay modes not specifically bored out of simplicity
– Story so through a variety of strategies and configuration modes such as Dungeons / Dungeons party / training / special region / Others enjoy the game

◆ evolution and transformation can not just fight the battle mode
– Play mode configured to burn a dungeon or battles progress at transforming envoy to enjoy the action with strategic battle, yet thrilling

◆ variety of monsters and gongryakhyeong system
– A variety of entertainment boss configuration requires a variety of strategic attack every monster, based on a rich system (skill structure / Upgrade Stone Polishing / Equipment synthesis)

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