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“Sakura Wars” is Japan’s Sega issued a well-known TV series of games, the game from 1996 to release the five major versions and a number of derivative small version, covering the PS, PS2, SS, DC, PC and other platforms. Since 2004, “Sakura Wars 5” on the line, Sega has never launched the main version, so that a large number of fans can not let go, “Sakura Wars” has become the most players continue to develop the other one of the top ten TV games.

This series of features, not the intense fighting, but the producer Hiroe Prince gave its unique world view and positioning. This era of overhead is full of contradictions, the ancient handed down martial arts and spiritual power is still playing a role, but with the progress of mankind and the birth of steam power technology is playing a greater role. This steam-powered punk civilization and the blend of ancient culture, given the “cherry war” unique charm. For our modern people, that era is full of wonderful nostalgia, we can follow the development of the game, enjoy Japan, France, the United States, Germany, China in the industrial revolution era of unique culture and change.

In the context of the great times, different cultures, girls of different nationalities together, in order to fight against the devil and fight, it will inevitably occur in various conflicts. We can feel the girls because of cultural differences and show the gentle, Wu Yong, strong, intelligent, lively, to understand their spirit of exploration of unknown things, the fighting against the enemy, love the love of germination. “Sakura Wars” unique romantic, given the vivid performance of these girls, so that players indulge in which can not extricate themselves.

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