RUROUNI KENSHIN for Free on APK Download.

Break up the future with my sword –
“Rurouni Kenshin” comes up with an application!
Fight against the strong enemy with the “swords action” that the original characters turn into 3D and move around with the screen narrowing !!

■ Kill and avoid it, release a deathblow, “Sword action action”
This work has become 3D But, it is a full-scale action game where the grin gully moves!
Victory two battles!
〇 Refreshingly ripped! 〇
Kill the enemies that are coming, slash, slash and slash, “Collective
Battle ” 〇 Tense feeling battle! 〇 The
strong enemies who appeared in the original are “strong enemy warfare”
blows holding hands sweat In the battle situation where the enemy’s attack

is overcome and the deadly attack is pounded in, the “sword and drama chain” that connects “Special Moves” is the key to victory !! In the
battle, “Special Move” comes out with easy operation of the button tap Activate!
Master using a number of techniques that appeared in the original such as “Hakutei Shikinaga”, “Double Superior”, “Odotori Densetsu”! The

Special Move is increased by activating with consecutive connection !! Because ”
Special Move technique is freely customizable, find your own” sword and drama chain “and challenge the battle !!

■ Reinforce your character with” Kinenazaki “, the original scene of the original revives!
Battle By equipping the character with the “swordplay card” that reproduces the original name scene, the deadly technique that can be used during the battle changes.

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