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▶ siwonhi popping sparkling wide skill with a single touch of the
– Warrior, Archer, Warlock only character skill that each of the characters are retained!
– Summons a sinma to aid the enemy in a room sinma summoning skill!

▶ lack euron a battlefield! In many PVP battle Let’s occupy the top spot!
1:01, 3:03, 5: 5 duel from a bout 20 people and spreading the user to scuffle chapter to Get Involved!
– Guild former manor, join the PVP war is unfolding in real time to a server battlefield, vigorous battle!

▶ Grade 9 species, various other guild system
– Quest Guild, Guild bosses, guild alliance, guild convoy, guild quests, guild banquets, etc. 9 kinds Devil Advent let grow with the guild through the guild system!

▶ explore the fantasy world unfolds as an endless quest
– Convoy, gathering, fishing quests such as adventure play the main quest!
– Partners in the quest to proceed with such daily quests, guild quests, bosses World Quest!

▶ help add more fun and easy to play content
– It will help you play catch, wings pet content!
– Fun quiz to give your views, party dungeon, until the content of such storied pagoda thousand!

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