Rise Up Special Heroes (KR)

Free Download Rise Up Special Heroes (KR) Android.

Rise Up Special Heroes (KR) Android

Rise Up Special Heroes (KR) Free

Rise Up Special Heroes (KR) Download

Rise Up Special Heroes (KR) Android for Free on APK Download.


★ seven days of massive reward coupons are published in the Official Rush Cafe!
09.28 (Wed) Day 1 4-Drawing Book of Cain + Key + 30 100 000 gold
09.29 Thursday Day 2 3-6 draw Castle Hero 5 + Key Issues 30
09.30 (Fri) Day 3 four star heroes draw Volume 1 + 3-6 draw sex Equipment Volume 2
10.01 (Sat) Day 4 five-star hero drawing rights 1 + 3-6 draw sex Equipment Volume 2
10.02 (Sun) May 6 primary Castle Hero drawing rights 1 + 3-6 draw sex Equipment Volume 2
10.03 (Mon) 6 6 St. primary equipment drawing rights + Soul Stone 50
10.04 Tuesday 7 primary 4-paewang drawing rights
Official Cafe: http://m.cafe.naver.com/mplusrush
About the game ■■ ■■
■ 200 species of various heroes!

■ Adventure mode for steady growth! Hundreds of stages!
Find the Soul Stone adventure away!

■ When unloading dozer adventure mode is difficult – on the top of the challenge!
Aji ssot is a tremendous reward yourself in the top of the challenge.

■ I am not a novice Arena War you feel!
Let’s make that my strong stand gyeorwo nimdeul and other heroes!
Hundreds of gems reward is a bonus every 3 days!

■ boss boss can tell the world about the look was a little beat rush!
Ruby every day Get!
Gold is also a challenge every time you Fak!

■ Real-time Guild boss Reid to capture as many heroes nimdeul!
Rush of flowers! Real-time Guild Boss Raid!
When the 8 o’clock evening rush all guild members are the boss starts Raid Time Attack!

■ I want to gather Soul Stone Heroes Get! Both can be obtained from paewang!
The core of Rush! Soul Stone!
I would like to have heroes should be selected manually to collect my hand!

■ I want to be heroes just evolved! Get evolutionary elements in the dungeons day!
You can evolve your own hero with a stronger rating!
Please evolution to obtain the same kind of elements and lovely day my hero in the dungeon!

Diverse and multiple content nimdeul are waiting for a hero!


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