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story is in the world of swords and magic
begins with “Erubaran kingdom”.
“Whether allegiance to the sacred Zarukon empire”
of the declaration of war letters were received in Erubaran kingdom.

The midst of this era, players are friends and
while signed a deep bond, out on their own looking for journey.


Enjoy the distinctive character
funny conversation
born on the Battlefield
wide range of strategic

enjoy the fellow and a variety of battle style!

Yes game content Yes


■ ever-changing war situation, the width of the strategy infinity □
“connect the fellow and combo Aim the shortest victory!”
In the attack order of selection, the war situation is large change!
The key to the amount of damage given in one turn is victory!

“Let’s full use of the compatibility effect and terrain effects!”
※ Battlefield is possible ※ viewpoint change
damage doubled to capture the terrain and attribute-branch of an army compatibility!
Tachimaware the battlefield to assess the tactical situation!

“Aim for the skills and weapons equipped and strengthen the strongest Knights!”
Combines a variety of skills, customize your weapons to your own
battle style varies greatly depending on the player!

■ wide range of character Mei King □
“can be your favorite hero is created!”
Gender / face / hairstyle / combination, such as skin
or more kinds of 18,000!

Battlefield can experience the battle and powerful 3D model!
This world of become a resident, would strongly along with the fellow!

■ unique characters have a spin to enjoy the story □
such invective cat ear girls and stalker of clergy,
unique character just appeared!

Character funny conversation and of each other
★ 3 or more of the characters possessed, such as “character” Quest
can enjoy both the story of the player and the character ♪

■ compelling content □ trappings of the royal family Knights
powerhouse boss suddenly appear “advent Dungeon”
protect the ally or escaped from the enemy “conditional battle”

other, while advancing the story
attracted remaining hen were scattered around the world “song magic”
, such as “poetry skills” to win

a variety of content is decorate the adventure of the royal family Knights!

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