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Get ready for the most fair and ultimate MMORPG!
Crash your way to victory!
1. Most fair MMORPG – No VIP! No P2W!
Brand new concept for MMORPG! Breaking the ordinary P2W mode, players would competing by real skills with balanced stats settings yet differentiated battle designs for different characters.

2. Explore the grand map!
Experience the vast map with multiple players on the same screen! Up to 17 maps to be explored, Dawn City, Lost City, Hawburg, Snow Field…You will never run out of curiosity!

3. Most exciting PVP!
Real-time battle! 1V1, 3V3, 5V5, field PK, Arena…diverse PVP modes at your choice! Prove your power by climbing to the top of rank; collaborate with friends against enemies in 3V3, 5V5, field free PK…

4. Non-stop adventure – No stamina limit!
There’s no stamina limit in the world of Raider! Raiding field BOSS for rich resources and EXP for whole day! Fast grow and level up with offline EXP!

5. Most innovative gameplay!
Grab resources in Resource War while you should take care of assaults from other players; hunt down the most fierce BOSS for the richest bounty; strengthen your power and summon blessings from beautiful Goddess in the Path of God…you’ll never be bored in the adventure of Raider!

6. Guild War
Examinate your guild power in the clash of guilds! Defend the kingdom with smart strategy and unity of guild members. It is a war of all members. Are you ready to write the legend of glory?

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