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2017, Tokyo ーーー

Unchanging landscape, gentle everyday.
Were girls purchase to continue secretly fight in the back.


Provisional figure is a popular idol group throbbing now, his identity was a national affiliation of combat organization!

Lurking in Tokyo a few years ago, the presence of the variant that has been clad people in the shade “Pygmalion”
That human erosion zone that has been eaten also memory and emotion extends to Tokyo wide area, there was no way of knowing that fact ….

It is the only able to compete with Pygmalion, selected nine fit person only.
They in that dedicate the emotion and memory at the expense of the life and supernatural forces are reborn as a doll (Doll).

Exceeded his own death, Their fate was forced to harsh battle mystery of OOPARTS shining in the chest, only the “gear” know ….

■ 3D model to send at the highest quality ■
Girl who is drawn in the smartphone supremacy highest quality

■ unique character that gorgeous actors plays ■
Contest of the dream by 11 people gorgeous voice actors of throbbing now

Sakura (CV: Kaede Hondo)
Just joined the members, a hard worker girl.

Misaki (CV: Lynn)
Age were disproportionately calm, cool impression of the girl.

Shiori (CV: Kaori Ishihara)
Standing behavior elegance of, unfussy and the personality of the girl.

Reina (CV: Yurika Kubo)
DOLLS is also the whole of the leader, passionate and cheerful girl.

Hiyo (CV: Eri Suzuki)
Run around bodied erect person, energetic and honest girl.

Nanami (CV: Ayaoto Sakura)
Pulling always one step, quiet girl.

Aya (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
Sensitive, these days the girl to fads and fashions.

Yuki (CV: Maaya Uchida)
Taciturn and for facial expressions also thin, mysterious girl can not read thought.

Yamada (CV: Yurika Endo)
I was always sleepy face, Kedar up girl.

Madarame Setsuna (CV: Satomi Akesaka)
Director who founded the idle office dollhouse.

Nantian Kana (CV: Rie Takahashi)
Multi a clerk women to respond to schedule coordination and consultation of idle office dollhouse.

■ 2 sides of the front and back ■
The feel as she’re ostensibly idle to a power source,
The back of the face is to live while destroyer an unknown enemy as DOLL.

They’re gradually but will be going back the memory and emotions By regain the feel.

■ recapture of memory ■
It is also included memories of death that has been forgotten in the memory to regain.
They will be more powerful presence in that recall from their own upbringing until the moment of death ….

■ Auto mode with ■
To attack the enemy in the auto, auto mode also features.
The game also can be easily easy-to-play in person is weak.

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