Free Download POM – PRIDE OF MALE

POM – PRIDE OF MALE for Free on APK Download.

The line forms at a time, the arrival of cold weather blowing another RPG
Now just let the experience unfold unique fun in the open field

▶ Let’s feel the new ‘form’ of the open field!
→ In a vast open field stretches form another battle
→ fun that doubles as a variety of quests and dungeons Specialty

▶ La stronger reminded more “Forms” through reincarnation!
→ true strength is really shines after manrep, “Forms” through reincarnation, and now Feel at POM!

▶ I form a large-scale siege and free PvP!
→ Every week unfolds large-scale siege and free PvP!
→ 多 多 battle for king of the end plate, the entire server PvP!

▶ Various field boss of the world map, and the top bosses to hunt for eternity!
It brings a new form of → Boss Raid!

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…