Pirates War – The Dice King

Free Download Pirates War – The Dice King Android.

Pirates War – The Dice King Android

Pirates War – The Dice King Free

Pirates War – The Dice King Download

Pirates War – The Dice King Android for Free on APK Download.


Ahoy Captain! We’re ready to set sail!
As a pirate captain build fortresses, fight others and capture their lands.
In Pirates War there are plenty ways to become a winner!
You can focus on offense to bankrupt your adversaries, or use a more defensive strategy and strengthen your fortresses against an enemy’s invasion.
With quick maneuvering you’ll be able to create monopolies to win.
Create your own pirate crew and see they become stronger as you achieve victory.


Pirates War – The Dice King is free to download and play, however, it contains in-game purchases.
Also, a network connection is required to play.

– Battle players around the world in real-time
– Collect captains, ships and pirates to build your own pirate crew
– Upgrade your captains, ships and pirates to strengthen your pirate crew
– Different crew combinations provide you with different skills to use on the board
– Experiment with different decks for different play styles
– Experience each captain’s stories through the single player mode
– Play casually with people around the world, or try out the ranked mode for a bigger challenge
– Play online with your friends. Don’t have any friends? You can make new ones in the game

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