PHANTOM BLADE for Free on APK Download.

▶ Feel the “soul” of the real ‘action’!
– This is the real soul of the action!
– Wind cool action turbulent to mobile!

▶ Story million users around the world have recognized
– a massive story that cross the underworld and the reality
– the story of the ‘soul’, then sihanbu life to the familiar

▶ hear the water with colorful graphics and Sensibility
– natural animation Live2D a variety
– rich art and sound to stimulate the senses

▶ vast amount of content that can be enjoyed endlessly
– depth game ‘Story Mode’ in favorite melt
– obscures the strongest in three tags. “Bimu War ‘
– faster than anyone with But, friend! ‘Time Attack’
– Strengthen constant item? NO! ‘Various items collected’
– Find the strengths that are potential ‘simbeop’

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iOS Download Link: Not available now