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PHANTOGEIST – Android/iOS Gameplay

PHANTOGEIST is a first person shooter in our real world, brought to life by Augmented Reality. It is one of the first games where you can move around an large or small indoor or outdoor space, and the game is accurately aware of how much you move around, from fast runs to small tiny movements.

In PHANTOGEIST, Phantom-like alien creatures are hunting you everywhere – inside your house, when you are out shopping, when you are at work or school, inside or outside, PHANTOGEIST can be played everywhere! The Tango device is a special weapon that can see these creatures through walls and stop them, and also reveal hidden portals where the player can go one offensive in the creatures’ world.

The game has a “Story Mode” and “Survival Mode”, as well as a ‘Social AR” local multiplayer feature where you and a friend both see the same creatures in your world, and your Tango device is like an “Mixed reality” camera that sees your friend interacting with creatures in your actual world.

This is the first time in a consumer game, a player can walk around the real world and get into first person combat. Unlike current AR or VR shooting games where the player can’t physically around, the player in PHANTOGEIST needs to move around their actual world, sometimes even run away or jump over a threat.


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