Omega Force

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A three-sided war between Humans, Demons and the Phontom has begun! Choose and develop your own race and challenge top players from around the world!
You have been invited to join the Omega Force Arena and there is no looking back. Stride to your ultimate glory!

Game Features:
• Freedom to choose your Battle Race.
Choose to lead the Humans, Demons, or Phantoms for your combat.
• Real-time competition around the world
Control your army to destroy other players from around the world in real-time.
• Distinctive battle units design.
A Phoenix resurrects from death, Kitty Ninja performs stealth attack.., your battle strategy represents your battle strength.
• Pairing
Combine 2 battle units to unlock their true power. E.g. combine 2 Smile units to summon the Smile King!
• 2vs2, also in real-time!
Joining the 2vs2 battle mode with your teammates with the Race at your choice. Fight against another group of players in real-time to win!

Your destiny leads you here. Now, enter the “”Omega Force”” and triumph this world-wide competition!

Note: Internet connection is required to play this game.

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iOS Download Link: Not available now

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