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Offroad Animal Transporter 4×4 – simulation game (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Zing Mine Games Production.


My rating: 3.6/5.

► ABOUT “Offroad Animal Transporter 4×4” GAME APP ►
This is a new concept of animal transportation. You may have driven a 4×4 jeep in an off-road environment, but having a carriage cart at the back of a vehicle is something new and exciting. In this simulation game, you have to drive a vehicle and transport wild animals to the zoo. You will get enough chances to prove yourself a pro driver. So, buckle up and climb of mountains with sharp and dangerous turns. You have to be very careful about your and animals safety. These animals are very rare and you have been heavily paid to perform this duty. You have to build a farm with these animals. In other sense you can include this game in farming category. This will be a fun game for you for sure.

This game is different from other jeep driving games in multiple ways. Realistic trailer physics will make you like a real driver. You have to control jeep cart very carefully at turns and during upward movement. Real animal sounds will also keep you interested in the game. You have to load and transport zoo animals from city to make your farm big. In the farming simulator and animal transport simulator combo, your duty is to ensure the safe and perfect animal supply to commercial animal farmhouses and livestock breeders.

This combo of multiple tasks will take your excitement to the next level. You will be tested on parking skills of a transporter trailer truck as well. As the driver of the transporter truck in this truck simulator game, park the truck carefully so that the farm animals can be loaded and unloaded easily.

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