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▶ special action associated with the skill of nox million
– an obvious skill is rejected! More powerful skill combinations!
– La customizing your own skill and enjoyed the action became more perfect!

▶ nox only the matrix system governing the time
– to manipulate the flow of time strategically hidden card out of the crisis!
– Let dominated the battlefield with a single click!

▶ path of the Guardian, starting manrep
– manrep end? Manrep This is the beginning of true power!
– Put the power in the hands of the infinite beyond their limits!
▶ can taste the strategic reversal hoseok
– hoseok system that can trigger the special effects of the battle!
– LA enjoyed growing Guardian seats potent with me!

▶ duel of Knox but to challenge the ultimate title
– Challenge the ultimate title server!
– transcend the limits of individual expression Be proud that his powerful!

▶ a never-ending variety of nox content
– to challenge the limits with real-time with friends – beyond Dungeon]
– a shortcut to an interesting scenario and fast seongjeong Shatter Dungeon]
– Aslan [Guardian Reid] that dealing with the powerful boss appeared on the continent
– Guild this highlighted PVP content solidarity between members [guild-wide
– to Farmington with essential items on a daily basis growth [day Dungeon]
– unique skills and a strong battle assistant [helpers] utilizing the buff
– you can customize your own unique fashion that [avatar]

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