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NINE for Free on APK Download.

Enjoy all your content, such as PVP and level, strengthening, nurturing unlimited!
Something for you getting tired of the game might lack today
Emotional game performance, MMORPG launched with life everything!

Now connected to the Nine Make your life a helpless 9!

Game Features ◆◆ ◆◆

▶ vast field! A variety of PVP
500vs500, 1000vs1000? Unlimited unlimited field of stretches PK
Stadium integrated server and server-specific ranking former Titans powerhouse
Flag battle and siege guild, jihagung boss battle, including a variety of PVP

▶ solid fascinating world!
Tot the emotional commitment to high stories.
It all started with this fruit!
Six episodes leading to the fruit of fascination, strong world!

▶ skill effects separating the ground!
Gorgeous skill effects beyond the limits of MMORPG!
Guild Skill, skill rune system, various skill!
Make up a level cast a more brilliant and powerful skills!

▶ endless visual sensibility!
FULL 3D graphics in visual sensibility!
This unique design sensibility can feel full and inorganic Avatar!
Various types of vehicles and a wide spread in free flight map

▶ easy and fast system automatically hunt!
The UI is complicated enough! Game automatically applied to various systems
Now, just by turning automatically drop to level up!

▶ a variety of rewards that can be connected even if only!
In addition to completing quests reward you can get just by connecting everyday steadily
Various compensation

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