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It’s real battle ship!
Naval strike the top half of the highly anticipated yipeon Company will unfold World War II as the background is a large-scale battle mobile game. Conquer a huge naval strike in the ocean with legendary warship.
By operating a massive battleship, destroyer rapid, strategic aircraft carriers, warships consisting of four kinds of versatile cruiser designed as a strategic battlefield Enjoy the new action experience never seen before!
About ★ ★ Game
▶ like realistic graphics and real battlefield is not as beautiful as gyeonjueo and PC games (Unity Engine)
▶ The detail of the legendary warship, as depicted in the actual
▶ Excellent first time seeing a tremendous blow optimization feeling bordering on mobile
▶ 2 primary faithfully combines the historical background and knowledge of such weapons of World War II to provide a superior immersive game
▶ hold strategic diversity in a team-based action game where the various strategies rife

★ ★ About warship
▶ cruiser: Armed with a comfortable and versatile multi-purpose warships. In any situation, the enemy threat to.
▶ the destroyer: the defenses are falling, but take advantage of the torpedo is the most excellent maneuverability tremendous firepower to defeat an enemy warship.
▶ battleships: thick gloves and armed with a huge gun ships boast the most powerful of the four thermal power hamjong.
▶ aircraft carriers: USS is a unique type of play are available, such as real-time strategy game. Utilizing a carrier-based aircraft may at any time change the aspect of the battle.

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