NAN: THE LOST PRINCE for Free on APK Download.

■ Game Introduction ■
Sensibility to a new standard for side-scrolling action game + Action RPG!
Please experience the perfect balance of action and stormed RPG!

■ Enjoy the new sense of intruding 4P multiplayer!
▷ anytime, anywhere while freely available intruding, access high multi-play offer!
▷ difficulty is changed in real time according to intrude! Please break with friends!

■ Create your own combo skills through a combination!
▷ Feel the limitations of command and colorful combo of fighting action game!
▷ I am speaking skill combo made freely and enjoy your own battle!

■ Scenario Mode to enjoy a character Star Story!
▷ Dragon, Bugbear such thrilling boss attack patterns to identify various attack the giant boss battles!
▷ character appearance varies depending on the equipment wear! LA Show off your own personality!

■ thrill of fighting game! PVP system!
▷ Make subdue an opponent with your own controls! 1: 1 PVP system
▷ referred to subdue an opponent in daenantu 8 people and stand up!
▷ control and results in a difference in the combo vary widely! Enjoy the full tension battle!

A series of new challenges not rest ■
▷ referred to defeat the big boss in real time with your friends! The boss does not retreat Reid!
▷ let vigilance fight monsters with your friends! Reid arousal system
▷ Dungeons day you can seize the day to day pours rare rewards!
▷ infinite limits of the battlefield to challenge their limits for hours!

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