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Multi Level Car Parking 6 – racing game 2017 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Play With Games.


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► ABOUT “Multi Level Car Parking 6” GAME APP ►
Get in the driving seat of a massive fleet of different Cars, Trucks and Pickups in 50 increasingly difficult Parking Missions at the Multi-Level Shopping Mall! Featuring 10 Supercars, Delivery vans, Tow Truck, Garbage Truck, Sedans, Family Cars and 4×4 Pickups.

▶ DISCOVER REALISTIC SHOPPING MALL – drive and park around authentically looking shopping environment
▶ NAVIGATE MULTI-LEVEL PARKING LOTS – find your way around a complex, busy area!
▶ CHOOSE FROM A VARIETY OF VEHICLES – awesome Cars, Trucks & Pickups to Park
▶ COMPLETE 50 ENGAGING MISSIONS – multiple precision Parking & Driving Challenges
▶ DRIVE AMONGST REAL TRAFFIC – pay attention to other cars!

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