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The world was covered with sadness of the “Black Tears”,
Now, the battle that engulfed all of the race was about to begin ….
Kaero the fate in the selection! For the first time of the strategy type card battle RPG for you “MONSTERCRY 2”

▼ beautiful graphics card with more than 300 types
Beautiful graphics of dark fantasy view of the world of cards that are portrayed in the card also appeared in more than 300 kinds.
Collect the card, Save the world has been contaminated with black tears in your favorite character card!

▼ variety of card customization
Card development system become stronger RPG format Komu Yari if Kome spear.
Dungeon search not only level to grow up in, such as,
By attaching the equipment and skills to the card,
High degree of freedom customizations that you can further advantage to expand the battle!

▼ active time battle system
Battle adopts turn system to promote an active time!
War situation has changed completely in the moment of decision, battle with a refreshing and tension!
And also features auto-battle function that customers can play easily even those who do not have time!

▼ real-time card Battle of excitement
From PvP battle that you can test your skills with other players,
Real-time raid to fight together with friends and colleagues of the same guild.
Stand up in cooperation with colleagues in the mighty enemy!

▼ story became even more enormous
Huge story above the previous work!
Adopt a character voice was not in the previous work also to a variety of boss that appeared in the dungeon!

▼ navigate voice by popularity voice actor!
Hired HataAi’s later of popular voice actor users to Noah officers to navigate!
Tutorial, of course, every time a new content is opened,
It leads clearly to you!

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